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The #1 Free Chrome Extension
for Merch by Amazon sellers

More than 25,000 Merch by Amazon sellers use PrettyMerch to analyze their sales and manage their products

The #1 Free Chrome Extensionfor Merch by Amazon sellers

A complete toolkit for Amazon Merch


Beautiful Dashboard

Simply log in to your Merch by Amazon account and you will get all your important data on beautifully designed and intuitive dashboard

At a glance
  • See Today's sales and most recent products sold
  • Chart of last 8 days sales
  • Summary of sales for most important date periods
  • Top sellers by units and royalties for the last 30 days
  • See Today's sales and most recent products sold
  • Total Reviews and Overall Average Score
  • Total Unique products Sold
  • 'Buyable' and 'Disabled' products


Advanced Analytics

Filter your sales for any time period and get a detailed breakdown of the products sold in seconds

At a glance
  • Instant analytics for your All Time sales
  • Daily or monthly sales chart including royalties
  • Click on any bar on the chart to view sales for that period
  • View your best day/month, and average sales peday/month
  • Detailed breakdown of product types, colors, fit types + more
  • Sort products by units sold, most royalties, returns + more


Product Manager

With the Product Manager you can quickly search, filter and sort your listings, even if you have hundreds of thousands of products

The fastest way to search your products
  • Bulk Edit products which need re-pricing
  • Bulk Delete products which have been removed
  • Search your products by Title, Brand Name, Bullets, Description and ASIN
  • View your best day/month, and average sales peday/month
  • Filter and find products based on marketplace, product type, status, sold or not, days until removal, price and more
  • View product Reviews, BSR and Availability

How it works

Simply add PrettyMerch to Chrome, login to your Merch account, and you will be greeted by your new and improved dashboard

Add to Chrome
Log in to Merch

What Our Users Are Saying

PrettyMerch has been voted as the best Chrome Extension for Merch by Amazon

4.91 (530+ reviews)

My favorite extension

This is one of my favorite and most recommended extensions for sellers on Amazon Merch. Pretty Merch takes your dashboard and transforms into an informative and easy to navigate webpage

Dave Englehoven -5 Dec 2019

Intuitive and attractive

This is what Merch by Amazon's default dashboard should look like to be begin with! Amazing stuff, with an intuitive and attractive layout

Ibrahim Peeyal -23 Jan 2020

I Love Pretty Merch

I Love Pretty Merch. I especially love the "all time" sales and the colors. It helps me with new designs and what people want

Kathy Lefall -1 Mar 2020

It is irreplaceable

I have used PrettyMerch for over a year and I find it irreplaceable. It makes managing my account and my business so much easier

Ibrahim Peeyal -23 Jan 2020

Analytics are outstanding

Love being logged in all day, especially on days I'm uploading to Merch, and I don't have to keep re-logging in. The analytics are outstanding and extremely helpful!

Ibrahim Peeyal - 23 Jan 2020

Simple and direct

PrettyMerch Pro is SO worth it! A simple and direct way to view your sales and analytics that will help you grow your business

Ibrahim Peeyal -23 Jan 2020

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Unlock The Full Power Of PrettyMerch

Use PrettyMerch free for ever, or upgrade to Pro to unlock even more awesome features and transform your dashboard into a productivity powerhouse

  • Sales Dashboard
    (w/o One-Click Analytics)
  • Sales Charts
    (w/o Royalties)
  • Product Manager
    (up to 500 prod.)
Download here
PrettyMerch Pro
$ 9.99 /mo
  • Sales Dashboard
    (w/o One-Click Analytics)
  • Sales Charts
    (w/o Royalties)
  • Product Manager
    (up to 500 prod.)
Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install PrettyMerch?
  • PrettyMerch is a Chrome extension, so you'll have to be using the Chrome browser to install it
  • Visit PrettyMerch on the Chrome Web Store and click on the Add To Chrome button on the top right
How long can I use the free version for?

Forever. There are no time limitations or trial periods for the free version. You can use it for as long as you like

    I have the free version of PrettyMerch. How do I upgrade to PRO?
    • You can subscribe to PrettyMerch Pro from our Gumroad page
    • After the payment, you will immediately be emailed a "licence key"
    • Open your PrettyMerch dashboard and click on "Upgrade to Pro"
    • Copy-Paste your licence key and Save
    • That's it; All Pro features will be instantly unlocked
    Is PrettyMerch safe? Where is my data stored?
    • With over 25,000 users, PrettyMerch is the most trusted and safest extension for Merch by Amazon sellers
    • Your data is stored locally, on your own computer, and is never transfered or stored elsewhere. When you remove the extension, all of the cached data is deleted with it
    How often is PrettyMerch updated?

      We are continuously pushing out updates. They can be new features, bug fixes or general improvements. Almost all of our updates are based on user feedback and recommendations, so there is always something new and useful around the corner

      Is there a PrettyMerch Android or iOS app?

      Yes, we have both Android and iOS apps which you can use to check your sales while on the go. Both apps are completely free

      Still have questions? , we read and reply to every single one

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